Specialized partners

OÜ VESINIKU TEHNOLOOGIAD held negotiations and identified potential partners for further cooperation, both in research and in application of technological solutions. Preliminary negotiations were held with these companies, and a great interest was expressed in the joint development of hydrogen technologies, as well as readiness to participate as partners in the subsequent stages of the project.

Tallinn University of Technology (TALTECH)

TALTECH was founded in 1918. It is the flagship of technical and information sciences and education in Estonia, where higher education is available at all levels in engineering and technical sciences, information technology, economics, natural sciences and maritime affairs. It has four schools and the Estonian Maritime Academy, 20 institutes, including Tartu, Virumaa, as well as IT colleges.

The Estonian Association of Hydrogen Technologies (EAHT)

EAHT was founded in 2016. It unites companies operating in Estonia, which are engaged in the development of hydrogen technologies, research and educational institutions, as well as other interested organizations.

Hydrogen fuels and filling stations

OÜ MARK OIL is an Estonian fuel company operating since 2000. The company’s core business is the wholesale supply of various types of fuel. OÜ SEVENOIL EST, affiliated with OÜ MARK OIL, has its own network of automatic filling stations. OÜ MARK OIL is interested in the joint development of hydrogen filling stations using our technology.


AS OLEREX is an Estonian fuel company founded in 1994; its distribution network currently includes 85 serviced and automatic filling stations throughout Estonia. Company ranks among the largest fuel sellers and serves millions of customers a year. In recent years, AS OLEREX has been twice named the fastest growing Estonian fuel company. The company also has filling stations equipped to refuel vehicles with natural gas (CNG).


AS JETOIL is Estonian fuel company, founded in 1999, also one of the largest fuel companies in Estonia. Its core business is wholesale fuel supplies. With the company’s fuel cards, it is possible to refuel vehicles at more than 50 filling stations throughout Estonia. AS JETGAS, affiliated with AS JETOIL, which started its activities in 2013, currently maintains the largest network of gas filling stations (LPG) in the Baltic States. Development of biomethane sales is also within the scope of its interests.


AS EESTI GAAS is one of the largest and most experienced energy companies in Estonia, dating back to 1865. Natural gas is its main product and competence, which is sold in the form of various products: piped gas delivered to the customer via networks, compressed natural gas (CNG), and liquefied natural gas (LNG). In the development of natural gas as a transport fuel, the company occupies a leading position in the Baltic region. The network of compressed gas filling stations is the largest on the market and has been constantly expanding. At filling stations, in addition to natural gas, it is also possible to refuel vehicles with biomethane produced in Estonia. The company is also the first and only one in the entire Baltic region to develop a stable supply and bunkering of LNG.

Power generation and refining of oil shale chemistry products

AS VIRU KEEMIA GRUPP is the largest oil shale processing company in Estonia and worldwide. The company works along the entire oil shale processing chain, from its mining to the production of highly refined products of fine chemical synthesis. In total, the company produces about 640,000 tons of shale oil and products from it per year.
Shale oil production also produces oil shale pyrolysis gas, which is used to generate heat and electricity. The company’s subsidiary, OÜ VKG SOOJUS, supplies heat to more than 30,000 residents of Kohtla-Järve. Its another subsidiary, OÜ VKG ELEKTRIVÕRGUD, is the third largest electricity distribution network in Estonia. That company’s service area includes Narva, Narva-Jõesuu and Sillamäe.

AS VIRU KEEMIA GRUPP is interested in hydrogen technologies both for reducing CO2 emissions accompanying heat and power generation, as well as for the final treatment of shale oils and oil shale chemistry products.


AS EESTI ENERGIA is an international energy company owned by the Estonian State. The company operates on the electricity and gas markets of the Baltic States, Finland and Poland, as well as on the international liquid fuel market. The company offers energy solutions ranging from the production of electricity, heat, and fuels to innovative value-added services related to sales, customer service, and power engineering.

AS EESTI ENERGIA is also interested in hydrogen technologies both for reducing CO2 emissions accompanying heat and power generation, as well as for the final treatment of shale oils and oil shale chemistry products.


OÜ KIVIÕLI KEEMIATÖÖSTUS is a part of ALEXELA GRUPP, the main business lines of which are oil shale mining, production of shale oil, heat, and electricity. It is one of the oldest energy companies in Estonia, which started operations as far back as in 1922. The company mines about 1.5 million tons of oil shale per year, from which about 90,000 tons of shale oils are produced. The joint production of heat and electricity covers heat needs of both the company and the nearby town of Kiviõli.

OÜ KIVIÕLI KEEMIATÖÖSTUS is interested in hydrogen technologies also for reducing CO2 emissions and the final treatment of shale oils.